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Overcome Your Fears and Rediscover the Joy of Singing with Our Vocal Academy

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Welcome to The Vocal Academy

At Sing With Josh

Learn the professional singing techniques to develop a singing voice you genuinely love! Sing With Josh is a conservatory-level vocal academy that includes a 17-lesson course, 8 additional warm-up classes, and an initial 10-minute consultation with Josh. 

In our hands-on, university-level academy, I distill 20+ years of professional gigging and world-class education into a simple method that allows you to grow your voice and experience the joy of singing!


 Professional Vocal Instruction

For All Experience Levels

Sing With Josh


25 Lessons and Practices

Self-paced video classes, each with a guided-practice to develop your muscles, techniques, practice regimen and to learn to sing real songs

Live 1-on-1 Initial Consultation

You'll have a private, 1-on-1 consultation with Josh to assess your voice.

Join the Academy

  • 10-minute Initial Consultation with Josh
  • 17 Self-paced Video Classes
  • 8 Warm-up Lessons
  • A Practice Schedule
  • Professional Vocal Technique — For Every Level of Singing!
  • Learn to Sing Real Songs

About Joshua South

 Joshua South is a New York Conservatory Trained classical vocalist, opera singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. Josh has gigged professionally for over 20 years, including performances with Paul McCartney and 50 Cent and at venues like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. Today he teaches over 1,000 live lessons annually and trains students of all skill levels. The Online Academy at Sing With Josh is a masterful blend of self-paced learning and access to Josh's advice and feedback. Josh brings a lifetime of elite training and performance, blended with a kindness and passion to help you love your voice and experience the joy of singing.

A Conservatory Level and Hands-On 

Online Vocal Academy



Do you want the experience of truly loving your voice and singing freely? Maybe you are afraid to perform, or you feel like you can’t learn how to sing. Maybe you already sing well, but you want the guidance to perform at a higher level. 

After 26 years of elite education, gigging at a high-level, and teaching over 1,000 singing lessons each year — I can attest that freeing your voice and loving the way you sing is possible for everyone with the proper method, guidance, and practice regimen.

Inside The Vocal Academy You Will:

  • Learn professional techniques for every level of singing 

  • Develop the muscles that directly control your singing voice

  • Develop your chest and falsetto registers and learn to coordinate between the two voices

  •  Learn to overcome any fears of singing

  • Learn vowels, vocal anatomy, ear training, breathing for singing, and performance skills

  • Personal feedback from Josh

  • Apply your technique to songs you love

  • Learn to experience the pure freedom of singing well

The Curriculum

Part 1: The Fundamentals of Vocal Technique

In lessons 1-8 we dive into learning singing technique. You'll learn the anatomy of singing, breath mastery, chest voice, falsetto voice, upper extension, coordination, vowels and setting up a practice regimen to develop the voice. 

Full Curriculum

Part 2: The Fundamentals of Practice & Performance

 Lessons 9-11 of this program begin with the full vocal warm-up. You'll learn techniques including emoting, interpretation, acting and performing. 

Full Curriculum

Part 3: Incorporating Technique into Songs

In lessons 12-16 we apply vocal technique to real songs! You'll learn a song of my choice, step-by-step, and how to choose a repertoire. We also learn skills for performance and ear-training.

Full Curriculum

A Look Inside the Vocal Academy FAQs

Join The Vocal Academy at Sing With Josh!

Professional guidance, a simple method and a group learning environment to finally overcome your fear of singing, make massive progress and experience the joy of your voice.

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  • 10-minute initial online consultation to diagnose your voice.
  • 18 Self-Paced Classes
  • 7 Practicum Lessons
  • A Curated Curriculum
  • Personal Feedback from Josh
  • Practice Schedule
  • Course Workbook
  • Learn to Sing Real Songs!  
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Josh is a really amazing teacher! He is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and patient and I have seen immense progress in my few months of working with him. As a shy singer I was initially a little intimidated of singing in front of people, but Josh has a gift for creating a relaxed and safe singing environment. I am excited to see where my voice will be in a year or so! I would highly recommend Josh as a voice teacher.

Josh is an outstanding vocal coach, a remarkably talented singer and a wonderful person — I really enjoy working with him! I've studied with six vocal coaches in Boulder and I've never found someone as talented as Josh. He has a great ear and his techniques are tried and tested. If you put in the work, your voice will grow. I've reached new vocal heights and gained a ton of confidence since I began working with Josh. I'm grateful to have such a talented coach.

My daughter loves her voice and piano lessons with Josh and has grown so much. It’s really inspiring for her to work with a professional singer and we even got to watch him perform with the Colorado Opera. He’s fun, patient, and she looks forward to each lesson. Josh is a true master of his craft and we highly recommend working with him.

I can't say enough about Josh and Boulder Voice Lessons. He has such a gift for explaining technique. I have seen and felt improvement in my voice very quickly with his approach. He is lovely to work with, approachable and encouraging. Such a great talent, I feel so grateful he is sharing his knowledge!

Boulder Voice Lessons is AMAZING! How did we get so lucky to get Josh in our little town! Josh is so talented at teaching his technique. He is patient and so smart. He has a true method to his teaching always with growth in mind for the students. Everything he teaches is with purpose. My daughter has learned more in 2 months then in all the years she has studied piano and voice! Thanks Josh!

Josh embodies everything we needed as we looked for the next step (son has been studying for 9 years with teachers locally and in NYC). Josh provides a focus on vocal cord health, then helps you identify and love your tone and range while helping you grow it. It can be as difficult emotionally as it is physically learning to sing. Josh patiently helps students relearn the shapes and sounds while helping regain their confidence (using technique and songs). We highly recommend Josh to anyone looking to work technique or up your game for professional gigs or college auditions

My daughter and I have both studied piano and voice with Josh and have found him to be a most kind, gentle, patient coach. Josh possesses that rare gift of being able to relate to and inspire both adults and children and navigates any challenges which arise with a genuine, encouraging energy which builds confidence in his students. Josh's wealth of experience in the music industry is an asset to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in music and Josh will help you to ground yourself in excellent technique, and cultivate a sanity-inducing sense of humour which will serve you well along your journey!

Lots of love

I've been working with Josh for about two years now and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. His friendly approach to singing allows me to stay relaxed while his invaluable and extensive knowledge in every aspect of the art of singing continues to challenge me as I grow. Along with his instruction, I feel compelled to work on myself as both a singer and a musician. I've evolved from being afraid to sing in front of anyone to performing live in a theater of 70+ people and I'm now thoroughly convinced that anyone can learn to sing with the right teacher; Josh is that right teacher.

Taking voice lessons with Josh has been the most impactful decision to my music career I've ever made. I've been playing and singing in bands for 20 years, and I've seen incredible growth and improvement in such a short time working with him. Josh is an incredible teacher and creates a safe and comfortable space to learn and experiment in. If you've ever considered voice lessons, you simply can not find a better teacher than Josh!

Josh is the best of the best. His joy and expertise have been guiding lights for my daughter who has studied with him for a year now. She has gained skill and confidence, and through music is expressing her depth in new ways all the time. Couldn't be happier to be part of Josh's academy!

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