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How to Sing for Kids - Part 1

#howtosing #sing #singer #singwithjosh #voice Mar 16, 2023

Hello Friends,

Singing is a beautiful and expressive art form that allows us to communicate emotions, tell stories, and connect with others on a deeper level.

As singers, we strive to produce a rich and dynamic sound that captivates our audience and leaves them feeling moved. While it may sound silly, one way to improve our singing is by making animal sounds, such as mooing like a cow.

At first glance, mooing like a cow may seem childish or even ridiculous! However, there are many benefits to incorporating animal sounds into your singing practice.

  1. Breath control: Singing requires a great deal of breath control, and mooing like a cow can help you develop this skill. When you moo, you have to sustain the sound for a relatively long time, which requires you to use your breath effectively. By practicing this, you can improve your ability to control your breath while singing.
  2. Vocal range: Mooing like a cow can also help you expand your vocal range. Cows make a low, deep sound, which can be challenging to replicate. By attempting to moo like a cow, you can train your voice to produce a lower sound than you might typically sing, which can help you develop your lower range.
  3. Vocal resonance: Resonance refers to how sound vibrates through your body. When you moo like a cow, you can feel the sound resonating in your chest and throat, which can help you develop a deeper and more resonant singing voice.

So, get your inner cow on, and jump on over to this video to get started!


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