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I Am Not Throwin' Away My... Shot!

classical singing technique hamilton Mar 14, 2022

Two weekends ago, we saw Opera Colorado's production of The Shining.

 This past weekend, we saw the national tour of Hamilton.

 Live theatre is fantastic. The electricity in the audience for Hamilton was spellbinding. People were screaming in joy. The actors lit up the stage, and I had a smile on my face for 3 hours.

 The Shining was more like being in a museum, like looking at a piece of great art. It commanded respect and rapt attention.

 Opera singers don't use microphones, and Musical Theatre singers use microphones.

 Because of that, the whole medium changes.

 A "no microphone" vocal production has to be different to be heard over an orchestra and to be projected to the back of the house.

 There were some fantastic singers in Hamilton. Some of their bios even said they trained classically.

 Classical vocal training allows you to sing everything. You can sing pop, rap, rock, opera, jazz, or whatever you want. All you have to do is adjust the vowel production for the genre you are singing.

 The Vocal Academy at Sing with Josh stems from my 20 years as a professional singer in New York City and around the world. The curriculum is based on my education at Manhattan School of Music and the world-class teachers and coaches I have studied.

 Not only will you get an excellent singing education through the Sing with Josh online course, but you will start to recognize the subtleties that make other singers great (or not great!). You'll start to enjoy live performances more because you'll identify vocal technique in action.

 This technique changed my life. I'm excited to see how it will change yours!

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