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Sing As You've Always Wanted

online voice lessons singing coach vocal training May 04, 2022

"I'm tired of offending my own ears when I sing!"

A prospective student said this to me recently. She talked about how she wanted to sing along with the radio in the car, but couldn't stand the sound of her voice, so she stopped singing altogether.

But she wanted to sing.

I think we all feel this way about our singing. Even professional singers doubt their voices.

Singing is challenging because it is so subjective.

We can't feel our vocal cords, and singing a note is not like playing a note on the piano or guitar. If you're not happy with your voice, it will take some work and patience to change.

Bad singing habits lead to off-pitch singing, uneven vibrato, and breathy or narrow tones, which are the symptoms that lead to "offending your own ears."

But how do you change? How do you get better at singing?


  • Find a Voice Building Technique.
  • Find a teacher that specializes in Voice Building.
  • Learn to exercise the muscles that directly control the tone of your voice.
  • I've helped many students who struggle with vocal problems through my Voice Building Technique.
  • Students have tamed their off-pitch symptoms.
  • Students have quelled that negative voice in the back of their heads.
  • And, students have gotten back to the Joy of Singing.

The Vocal Academy at Sing with Josh is here to help!

Try our free mini-course!

If you're not ready to sign-up, but want to learn to sing check-out our free mini-course! You can also find Sing With Josh on Youtube for free lessons and song interpretations.