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What will you do with your "Million Dollar Voice"?

#milliondollarvoice #vocaltraining #voicelessonsnearme #voicetraining Oct 26, 2022

The Voice, America's Got Talent, and The Masked Singer are all shows that could make you rich and famous.

I like watching the first few episodes of the season of the Voice or America's Got Talent. It seems more real to me to see all of the auditions.

So. Many. Happy. Tears!

But, what makes those chairs turn?

What makes that "oh my god!" voice?

I know what it is.

It's the same sound that whips your head around when you hear someone cry for help.

The same sound melts your heart when you hear a parent sing a loving lullaby.

I know how to teach you to make that Million Dollar Sound.

It's all in the training - the voice building.

You'll learn how to:

  • Belt those high notes
  • Croon the ballads
  • Even out your mixed voice
  • And, just sing the way you've always wanted

Get started on your journey here:


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